Racism and inequity are real problems in scholarly book publishing, at both structural and individual levels. This panel discussion addresses those issues head-on and offers insight and strategies for scholars who are preparing to navigate the process of pitching and publishing their academic books.

While some general demystification of the publishing process is included in the discussion, this is not another colorblind publishing panel. This will be a chance to have your experiences validated and to learn from publishing professionals who have faced similar issues in their own careers, in both academia and academic publishing.

This "course" is comprised of a recorded panel discussion that took place in November of 2021. When you sign up you will get access to the video recording, audio recording, a full transcript, a written summary of key points from the discussion, a list of resources and funding sources for scholarly authors, and contact information for the panelists.

The panelists were Jenny Tan (University of Pennsylvania Press), Dominique J. Moore (University of Illinois Press), Karma R. Chávez (University of Texas at Austin). The panel was hosted by Laura Portwood-Stacer (Manuscript Works).

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