Sample schedule for completing this program

The Book Proposal Shortcut for Busy Scholars is designed to be completed at whatever pace works best for you. You could complete your proposal in a week or two or stretch it out over several months or longer.

In my experience working with authors during my Book Proposal Accelerator program (which is a more interactive version of this Shortcut program), 7 weeks seems to a the sweet spot for active participants to get through the modules and complete all the necessary elements of the proposal. Therefore I've created a sample schedule you can download and fill in with your own target completion dates.

If you're on the 7-week plan, each section of this schedule would correspond to one week. However, you can feel free to fill in any dates you like, aiming for one section per month, per day, or whatever schedule makes sense for your circumstances. You can also feel free to not use this sample schedule at all -- it's just here as a tool in case you'd like to use it.

Sample Schedule - Book Proposal Shortcut.pdf
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